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Jul 03 2019

Reward for dr Bartłomej Wysocki

Bez tytułu

Dr Bartłomej Wysocki has been awarded for his scientific speech “Properties of the titanium implants fabricated by the Selective Laser Melting method” during Polish Scientific Conference “Implants 2019” organized by Gdansk University of Technology (29-29 June 2019). Sincerest congratulation of the effective work and lots of further such a remarkable success.

May 10 2019

Prof. Gabor Forgacs visited our laboratory


On 8th of May, we had an extraordinary opportunity to host prof. Gabor Forgacs from the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Missouri, who was also the founder of the Organovo company. Professor Forgacs visited the biogroup laboratory in Cezamat building and he led a lecture of “Biofabrication in the life of Science and …

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Apr 18 2019

Novel application of hydrogel yarn for tendon regeneration published in Advanced Healthcare Materials


We are pleased to announce that the article entitled “Tendon Tissue Engineering: Effects of Mechanical and Biochemical Stimulation on Stem Cell Alignment on Cell‐Laden Hydrogel Yarns” co-authored by the members of Biogroup was published in a special issue of Advanced Healthcare Materials: “Biofabricated tissues and tissue models”. The main aim of presented research was to …

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Feb 15 2017

OPEN POSITIONS – 3D scaffolds

openn positions - (hydro2)-1

2. Title: Fabrication and characterization of 3D scaffolds tor tissue engineering (3positions) Role: Full-time PhD Student based in Warsaw, POLAND. Project description: The project aims to develop 3D polymer based scaffolds for tissue engineering, their modification with bioactive compounds, scaffolds characterization and optimization. Key skills: High level of critical thinking and strong academic merit in …

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Feb 15 2017

OPEN POSITIONS – bioprinted 3D hydrogel scaffolds

openn positions

  Title: Development of bioprinted 3D hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering (2positions) Role: Full-time PhD Student based in Warsaw, POLAND. Project description: The project aims to use the latest progresses in 3D bioprinting for the development of bioprinted 3D hydrogel scaffolds tor tissue engineering. Key skills: High level of critical thinking and strong academic merit …

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Feb 08 2017

Highlights of 2016 of Biofabrication


We are very pleased to inform that article ‘3D bioprinting of BM-MSCs-loaded ECM biomimetic hydrogels for in vitro neocartilage formation‘ published in Biofabrication last year has been selected to be part of the journal’s Highlights of 2016 collection. This article is a co-work of our group members: Marco Costantini, Joanna Idaszek, Jakub Jaroszewicz and Wojciech …

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Jan 16 2017

Hackaton – citizens in science

Our Group’s members took part in an interdisciplinary action: Hakaton – citizens in science, organized by the Copernicus Science Centre and the Medical University of Warsaw. The aim of the meeting was development of an innovative and non-invasive solution to support doctors in the fight against children’s diaphragmatic hernia. We are pleased to announce that …

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Nov 28 2016

We hosted distinguished scientists in our Group


In November, our Group had the pleasure to host two distinguished scientists. Two lectures were given by prof. Osamu Tabata from Kyoto University (Japan) and prof. Ko-Shao Chen from Tatung University (Taiwan). Both meetings gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with rich achievements of our Guests, as well as latest trends in the field …

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May 03 2016

Open positions for full-time PhD Students in Biomaterials Group

Biomaterials Group is currently looking for a people willing to join a doctoral studies at Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology.

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Feb 01 2016

Cover photo!

Graphics from the article written by Jakub Jaroszewicz, Wojciech Święszkowski et al. appeared on the cover of Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A!

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