Feb 08 2017

Highlights of 2016 of Biofabrication

We are very pleased to inform that article ‘3D bioprinting of BM-MSCs-loaded ECM biomimetic hydrogels for in vitro neocartilage formation‘ published in Biofabrication last year has been selected to be part of the journal’s Highlights of 2016 collection. This article is a co-work of our group members: Marco Costantini, Joanna Idaszek, Jakub Jaroszewicz and Wojciech Święszkowski.

Highlights of 2016 collection includes some of the very best and most influential research published in Biofabrication last year representing cutting edge topics in this area of scientific research. This article, and all listed, also received the highest praise from our international referees and a high number of downloads during 2016.

Visit http://iopscience.iop.org/journal/1758-5090/page/Highlights-of-2016 to read the 2016 Highlights.

The Highlights are free to read until 31 December 2017.