Aug 26 2015

Interesting lectures at Biogroup

20th of August, Professor Ko-Shao Chen from Tatung University (Taipei, Taiwan) and his Son paid a visit to Biogroup in IPPT PAN. Professor Chen delivered lecture: “HAp deposition onto the plasma treated PLLA surface by soaking in SBF solution”. This same day Dr. Aneta Gądek-Moszczak from Cracow University of Technology (Cracow, Poland) has presented lecture regarding application of computer image analysis in materials and biomedical sciences.  

Professor Ko-Shao Chen presented his research interests and opportunities for future collaboration in Polish-Taiwanese/Taiwanese-Polish Joint Research Project entitled: “Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering, Improvement of Biocompatibility and Bioactivity by Low Temperature Plasma Treatment” (NCBR number: DZP/PL-TW2/3/2015).

Prof Chen