Feb 15 2017

OPEN POSITIONS – bioprinted 3D hydrogel scaffolds

  Title: Development of bioprinted 3D hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering (2positions)

Role: Full-time PhD Student based in Warsaw, POLAND.

Project description: The project aims to use the latest progresses in 3D bioprinting for the development of bioprinted 3D hydrogel scaffolds tor tissue engineering.

Key skills:

  • High level of critical thinking and strong academic merit in engineering and design; brilliant problem solving; outstanding communication; an ability to work independently and as part of a diverse team.

Essential background:

  • Master’s degree (including an appropriate research component) in one of the following disciplines: Mechanical/Chemical/Material/Biomedical Engineering; Biomedical Sciences.

Key tasks: 

  1. Developing specifications for scaffolds by investigating literature.
  2. Generating concept designs and design elements.
  3. Using current and emerging bioprinting techniques for manufacturing scaffolds from degradable polymers and hydrogels with and without cells and biological factors.
  4. Evaluation of scaffold topology, mechanical properties and effect of engineered surfaces on in vitro performance.
  5. Computational and statistical modelling;
  6. Morphological characterisation using SEM, micro CT and other techniques;
  7. Mechanical testing;
  8. In vitro testing, imaging, and analysis of biological performance including histology and biomechanical testing.
  9. Generating journal publications.

Dates: Start as soon as possible, 3 years full time.

Institute: Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty for Materials Science and Engineering, Poland

Supervisor:  Prof. Wojciech Święszkowski,

bio.materials.wut@gmail.com, ww.bio.materials.pl

Required documents:  

  • CV,
  • copy of academic transcripts
  • letters of reference from 3 referees

We kindly inform you that we will only respond to selected applications.

See also: http://bio.materials.pl/nowa/en/blog/open-positions-3d-scaffolds/

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