Apr 08 2020


92467604_1891835610950000_4721602069847343104_o‘NADIMPLANT’ is a research project that marks a new generation of dental implants using 3D printing technology. The research project is performed by the Faculty of Materials Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, MaterialsCare Sp. z o. o and Wychowanski Sp. z o. o. – Leader. The main invention of the project was notified by prof. dr hab. inż. Jarosław Mizera, prof. dr hab. inż Wojciech Święszkowski, dr inż. Bartłomiej Wysocki, mgr inż. NADIMPLANTAgnieszka Chmielewska oraz dr. n. med. Piotr Wychowański (leader of the Wychowanski Sp. z o. o.). Additionally, dr inż. Michał Gloc is involved in the research work in the ‘NADIMPLANT’ project.The aim of the project is to develop the structure and create an incremental 3D SLM (Selective Laser Melting) series of types of intraosseous dental implants, distinguished from the competition by the possibility of applying biologically active agents directly to the surrounding soft tissues, bone tissue and their substitutes to improve the treatment process.

more information: https://buff.ly/2RkLmVE https://buff.ly/2V9nJjT

Consortium partners:

Wychowanski Sp. z o. o. – Leader https://buff.ly/2JQsPfu

Faculty of Materials Engineering, WUT https://buff.ly/2VcENW2

MaterialsCare Sp. z o. o  https://buff.ly/2JZdFFb