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Our Research

The BioMaterials Research Team is part of the Materials Design Division – Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology.

The main interests of the team include:

  • development of new materials for medicine;
  • tissue engineering and regenerative medicine;
  • 3D printing of polymers and composites (FDM/SLA) and metals (SLM);
  • 3D bioprinting – printing of cells and tissues via biofabrication strategies;
  • 3D melt electrowriting (MEW);
  • electrospinning and encapsulation from solutions;
  • characterization of biomaterials;
  • advanced 3D imaging techniques using micro- and nano-computed tomography methods;
  • computer modeling of new materials, tissues and tissue engineering products;
  • drug delivery systems – micro and nanocapsules, coatings, and 3D printed systems.

#biomaterials #tissueengineering #3Dprinting #bioprinting #drugdelivery #electrospinning