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Lecture by Prof. Yasuhiko Tabata from Kyoto University

Today, we had the great pleasure to have Prof. Yashuiko Tabata from Kyoto University as our Guest. He delivered an insightful and comprehensive lecture on “Biomaterials Design of Tissue Engineering to Enhance Natural-Healing Potentials for regenerative Medicine”.

Dr. Yasuhiko Tabata is the Professor of Laboratory of Biomaterials at the Institute for Life and Medical Sciences (LiMe), Kyoto University and serves as adjunctive professor at 17 different universities. He received his B.D. in Polymer Chemistry (1981), Ph.D. (1988) in Technology, D.Med.Sc. (2002), and D.Pharm. (2003) all at Kyoto University. He has published over 1,700 scientific papers including 145 book chapters and review papers and has 130 patents. He received the Young Investigator Award (1990), the Scientific Award from the Japanese Society for Biomaterials (2002), the Scientific Award from the Japan Society of Drug Delivery System (2011), Chandra P. Sharma Award of the International Society of Biomaterials & Artificial Organs (2011), the Scientific Award from the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine (2014),

Dr. Tabata is the council member of 5 Japanese Academic Societies or an associate member of the Science Council of Japan, Cabinet Office and the Editorial Board of 7 scientific journals. Specific research interests include biomaterials, drug delivery system (DDS), tissue engineering, stem cell technology, and medical diagnostics.

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